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Solo At Work is an AI tool that helps solopreneurs, freelancers, and consultants make authentic intros and grow their network through 1:1 video and voice meetings. The concept was created after noticing an industry gap and identifying a target market, leading to conceptualising the product in Figma ready for a development team.

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Working with AI to improve authentic connections

Solo is an AI that matches users based on specific criteria and key phrases within their profiles. Meeting people based on a few selections or interests is only sometimes enough to generate connections, where authentic connections can form if we take the time to dig deeper. By creating profiles suited for solopreneurs, freelancers, and consultants, Solo can match based on who they are, their career goals and interests, and collaboration opportunities.

Getting starting with Solo

Users start by linking their email to their primary calendar; this allows the software to connect available times for connections to meet automatically. Video calls or meeting online can be draining, so users are likelier to meet by choosing timeslots that already work or adjusting preferences in Solo settings.

Build a profile

Next, users are tasked with building a profile within the onboarding flow, entering details about their occupation, primary location, and portfolio links. Following users express themselves by entering their hobbies in hashtags, which Solo the AI can use for specific criteria matching. 

To ensure the right connections are found for a user, they're asked who they want to connect with, the goals for the introduction, and any opportunity they seek. This allows Solo the AI to find the right people aligned based on interest and mutual benefits to grow their careers.

Setting up a first meeting

Once a user completes their profile, they'll receive an email that another user and a meeting slot will be set up within the next day. On the dashboard, it displays who the person is, their job title, and more details before the call to get to know them better. An overview card allows each participant to get a short snapshot of who they'll be meeting.

Finding the right first intro

Using AI, named Solo, participants are matched based on their interests and main career goals. This supports the idea that authentic connections lead to more intentional professional relationships that allow each connection to grow positively.

Once a user has made their first connection, Solo will send an email asking for feedback and rating the session. By giving feedback, Solo can purposely determine better relationships for the user in the future.

Manage your profile and account

Convenience is critical when creating new connections online. Most solopreneurs, freelancers, and consultants work primarily from their laptops and can manage their time in Solo when it works best for them.

Keeping flexibility and knowing when works best for the user generates authentic and exciting connections to meet each time. Also, users can edit their information, interests, and career goals at any point, updating Solo and their match type.

Pricing Models

As a new concept and product to a fresh market, pricing is critical in determining the value for new customers. While making incredible connections in life is priceless, Solo At Work operates on a monthly subscription plan with dual tiers. 

The first is a basic plan where users can meet one new person per month, while the latter is a new connection each week and pod meetings. 


Solo At Work is conceptualised and ready to be handed over to a development team with a closed beta round of selected users. Identifying my needs as a solopreneur is noticed, but acting on these and solving for other solopreneurs, freelancers, and consultants worldwide is invaluable.

The concept is being worked on by a small pod of developers and is expected to be released within the year.

2 months

to conceptualise and build a solution

Validated idea

ready for build and market testing


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