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Following a new client website and booking system, 2050 Capital saw a 42% increase in submissions each month for company leads. 2050 Capital was looking to expand their online presence and gain more clients from a modern, simple website with a call-to-action for users to book finance consultations online.

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Expanding an online presence

Working with a founder to create a client driven website and new approach to a brand. Following a new client booking system, 2050 Capital saw a 40% increase in submissions each month for company leads. 2050 Capital is a personal finance company based in Charleston, South Carolina and I received a message from the founder, Colin Moyhanan, to create a new website and brand the company.

Establishing a brand and website

When establishing the website content and attracting a new millennial market, a refresh of the current brand was needed to bring it to the next level. 2050 Capital wanted to keep its current blue color and bring the branding to trends millennials markets were resonating with. 

When creating the website I started with looking at the goals 2050 Capital was looking to achieve; having a modern online presence and booking client calls. Breaking down the pages and overall structure a Homepage, Services, About, News and Booking page was established.

The breakdown of pages allows users to see everything at a glance, learn an overview on the Homepage and discover more through the Services and About pages. A News page allows for content to be written about personal finance, creating an SEO friendly site for possible clients searching online and a place for Colin to write his expertise on the subject.

Starting with a new logo that was I given to work with, a few mood boards and visual styles were sent for 2050 Capital to look over. After iterations and collaborating, a light, airy and flowing style with illustrations was the direction for the website. Combining this feel with a simple user interface and typography treatment; a professional, simple and user-friendly website was created.

Setting structure of the website

The homepage of 2050 Capital features the companies core mission above the hero, a comparison of services in comparison to older finance firms, and a list of value propositions for potential clients to browse. The overall goal of the page was to give a snapshot of the company and establish a sense of credibility to personal finance clients.

The 2050 Capital website before the project was created from a template and Colin was looking to create something custom with a designer. The website itself was limited with content and lacked a personality that didn't appeal to younger clients 2050 Capital was looking to expand its services with. Upon our first call, we collaborated to discover the content that was needed, the architecture of the website and an initial visual style.

This page allows potential clients to learn more about Colin, and the 2050 Capital journey working with larger brands and financial partners. Colin is a Certified Financial Planner passionate about providing personal financial advice to individuals and families regardless of their current net worth or investable assets

A major goal of the 2050 Capital website was to funnel clients to book an initial consultation with Colin. This is done by having a global call-to-action button shown on top of the website labeled with "Schedule". This flow then leads to a webpage showing a calendar with dates to choose at the client's convenience. Once a date and time are set using the Calendly widget, 2050 Capital receives an email with the client name, email and booked consultation details.

A fresh website and new brand

After collaborating and working with 2050 Capital the project was launched, Colin messaged a bit later that the redesign and new website was successful. Overall the website is increasing in page views, with improved SEO and search rankings, and a heavily used CMS for blog posts to be written about personal finance.

If you're looking for a new website to bring value to your business and acquire new customers, a design-oriented strategy or new approach to your brand and website can bring this potential to your product.

42% increase

in the number of client bookings online

2 months

to complete design and development


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