RAC.FM is a brand-centric platform that elevates the creator Andre Anjos community and provides access to exclusive content, music, and $RAC token. I was the Product Design Lead helping craft a product strategy, design a unique experience with junior designers, work with development squads, and prepare for a product launch.

Design & Developer Collaboration

UX/UI Design

Branding & Community

Product Launch

RAC.FM is a new kind of community experience

RAC.FM is a brand-centric platform that elevates the creator (Andre Anjos - RAC) community and provides access to exclusive content, music, and $RAC token.

Who is RAC "Remix Artist Collective"?

RAC used to stand for "Remix Artist Collective." these days; it's the solo project of André Allen Anjos. RAC is primarily known for remixes (200+). It started with an ambitious goal to change how things were remixed, taking the focus away from danceability and attempting different and interesting arrangements. 

Now Andre has accumulated a fanbase of 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Uplifting and giving power to an artist's community

Through a bespoke experience, there was an opportunity to drive engagement and community growth for independent creator Andre Anjos leveraging an already existing fanbase. The goal was to design and develop a unique online fanbase where Andre's community could learn more, discover merchandise, listen to new tracks, and buy the $RAC token.

During the project, I was the Product Design Lead to help craft a product strategy, design a unique experience with junior designers, work with developers, and prepare to launch the product.

Driven by fan feedback

Fans and community members were vital to the project, driving testing and feedback on the final design result. We started with an MVP solution that took in current feedback from fans through in-person interviews, online and direct requests.

Designed and built for a community

Users could learn more about who Andre is, the music he's created and dive deeper into exclusive content. Also, new music is released weekly, album art to view, NFTs for purchase, and much more.

A unique look and branding

Andre is known for a retro-modern style and a pink baseball cap. After a few brainstorming sessions, we determined a vintage operating system with modern UI detailing would do just the trick.

Working with cryptocurrency technology and exchanges

A primary goal was to build a transparent, active cryptocurrency exchange that benefits the user. $RAC is a decentralised token owned and launched by Andre Anjos (RAC).

The more $RAC a user deposits, the more content is unlocked, similar to any other artist selling merchandise, art, or music in a digital cryptocurrency exchange. Once a wallet is connected, the amount staked is shown to the user and what is unlocked, ensuring trust and transparency.

A custom design and development build

I worked with Andre and a team of junior designers to establish a look and feel for the community, leaning into shades of pink, vintage OS details, and bespoke iconography.

Before working on the design, we set requirements and a sprint backlog for each feature within the website, ensuring it was viable to build. We worked alongside a development team to sense-check the design and feasibility. Our team created brand-centric elements that mimicked a vintage OS operating UI; we accomplished this with custom dynamic designed components and a React front-end meets Storybook integration.

The final result was a distinctive operating-system design crafted with detail that Andre and his fans loved.

Launching a truly unique design and website

Starting to get to know who Andre Anjos is and the idea for a custom OS solution. A statement behind the $RAC token and why its created for the cryptocurrency ecosystem and fans. Creating a custom mixtape for the website that plays exclusive tracks and users who are monthly Patreon Subscribers can claim the $RAC token connecting their wallet of choice and email used when becoming a Patreon.

~80,400 users

and fan website visits within the first week of launch

Billboard press article

Active media and social coverage for the newly released platform


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