Creating a mobile app beta called Digifox and product strategy that gained 21,000 users. A relationship that started with a six month sprint to build an MVP, ended with a seed raise of almost a million and transitioned into a long-term partnership.


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Designing a mobile app that raised a $750k+ seed round

A relationship that started with a six month sprint to build an MVP, ended with a seed raise of almost a million and transitioned into a long-term partnership.

Simplifying a complex financial world by providing an all-in-one tool

Creating a mobile app beta of an all-in-one finance platform called Digifox. After a product strategy and scoping session with founder, Nicholas Merten, the mobile app was designed over a four month period for handoff to a development team.

Getting started and setting a vision

The core mission of Digifox is to simplify the complex financial world by providing an all-in-one finance tool. The tool helps users invest, spend, send, and manage their money through digital cryptocurrencies. This company vision has a lot of potential; however, the original product did not translate into that vision, which hindered their ability to raise money.

A primary goal was to create an application most users could understand and easily get started trading, buying and sending cryptocurrency. This was broken down into four main features (Wallet, Earn, Spend and Contacts) with actionable names displayed on the main navigation bar of the mobile app. The digital Wallet allows users to view, track and see an overview of all their cryptocurrencies. 

The Earn tab deposits money from a user's bank account and instantly allows access over +14 unique cryptocurrencies to invest in. Spend is a Coming Soon feature that creates a Digifox debit card that users can use, allowing them to can easily spend and access their money across the globe. The Contact tab lets users send and receive money or other cryptocurrency types, and view a list of all their current contacts added on the mobile app.

Positioning a brand

Another goal was to establish a brand that was current, simple and friendly in the finance industry to Digifox's target market. A request from the founder was to use the color red, which would set it apart in the finance market. Currently, many apps in the finance and cryptocurrency industry use the colors green or blue. After working with the founder and the soft red tone, a clean fox (playing off the name Digifox) logo established the brand. Growing the clean and simple appeal to users, we wanted the tone to flow into the app and copy that was present. 

Each feature has a general term that anyone getting started with the app can understand, such as "Earn cryptocurrency" or "Trade cryptocurrency with friends". Taking away the complexity in the current finance and cryptocurrency market for users, we set out to create a simple brand for Digifox that was different and something users wouldn't feel intimidated by.

A digital Wallet and overview

The main screen of the mobile application is what makes Digifox shine. On the Wallet tab, an overview of a user's digital wallet shows along with the progression or falls of the cryptocurrency market in relation to their account.

We wanted to have a simple user experience for the main screen, allowing users to glance over their earnings or losses at the time and seeing a breakdown of each cryptocurrency they've bought. The screen was an iterative process with the founder, we wanted to make sure it showed the key values of Digifox and actions a user could take quickly with their crypto right in front of them.

Earn crypto through investing

This feature allows users to spend their cryptocurrency on the market or buy new types. As a team, we downloaded all the competitor apps and looked through their process to see what worked and what didn't. We found that each were complex and used terms someone new to cryptocurrency might not know, even ourselves included! As the designers of the beta, we wanted the process to be simple and visually showing what's happening with the cryptocurrency. 

A user selects the type they've already purchased to start with and manage the amount, such as deposit into their digital Wallet or withdraw to an associated bank account. If a user wanted to buy a new type of cryptocurrency, they can with a third-party market and API from Celsius or Compound (as recommended from the founder to use).

Digifox shows the transaction with the amount in cryptocurrency, dollars and the cost to make the transaction. Users get a detailed flow of what's happening and break down the process as if they were making a normal transaction on any other good. Cryptocurrency doesn't have to be complicated or just limited for the expert to use.

Send, receive, and view your transaction history

With Digifox, you can send money anywhere across the globe in a matter of seconds and for as little as $0.05. Users are able to view a list of their friends or family within their contacts to send cryptocurrency to, set the amount and watch the transaction happen. Also, each user has a unique QR code associated with their account, allowing scanning of the code to add a person into their native contact list or send money to and view their transaction history.

Launching a mobile app

Due to a high-end product launched in the market and key consumer data to validate their idea, Digifox had no problem raising their seed round and gained over 20,000 users. We strive to form long-term relationships with the companies we work with. Not being a typical hand-off style software development agency.

$750k+ funding

raised for a pre-seed round

21,100+ users

users acquired upon launch


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